Pesos and Sense

Pesos and Senses is very good TV Show that teaches about the Investing. This show specifically caters to Filipino Investors.

Kudos to the host Aya Laraya for a job well done.

Complete Season 1 Episodes

Ep1 - Stock Market
Ep2 - Mutual Funds
Ep3 - Insurance / VULs
Ep4 - Scams
Ep5 - Starting Early
Ep6 - Budgeting & Personal Finance
Ep7 - Understanding Credit
Ep8 - Aya’s Investment Diagram
Ep9 - Long Term vs Short Term Investment
Ep10 - Insurance 2
Ep11 - OFW Investments
Ep12 - Social Cost of Investing
Ep13 - Diversification
Ep14 - Pesos and Sense Explains

To learn more about Pesos & Sense or Aya Laraya please visit their website.