About Xyzsor Stock Manager

This website started as a small hobby as I was learning about the stock market and how it works. I soon realised that in order to keep track of my investments, I need a tool to help me out. I first started listing my investments via an excel sheet. But then later on got too tired of having to update it. Then I decided to make an app to help me keep track of my portfolio. I ended up creating a few scripts to automate the process of collecting data pertaining to my investments. Later on, having spent some time on facebook, a few friends of mine discovered what I have done and wanted me to create some scripts for them. Since there were too many of them asking for it, I decided to make it a full fledged webapp. Thats how this website started.

Later on, they started asking for features such as stock alerts which I also wanted my self. So then the stock alerts feature came in

Also a lot were asking me to create a mobile app like this. But since I wasnt a mobile developer, but rather a web developer, I decided to make the website look like an app on a mobile devices.

I hope you find this website as useful as it is to me.

Have a nice day everyone.